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Student Profile - Enrolled Students

Report Details
Title Student Profile - Enrolled Students
Description For Fall terms, this report shows key characteristics of all enrolled students at Cal State San Marcos. Data may be subdivided by student groupings (e.g. undergraduate, Master's, major etc.) and student characteristics (e.g. gender, attendance status etc.).
Parameters Year, College, Major, Student type, Data Format (number, percentage, or both)
Data Source Enrollment Reporting System Student (ERSS) data files maintained by IPA
Approximate Run Time Up to 2 minutes
Report Created Aug 1 2012 10:33AM
Report Updated Dec 1 2016 10:40AM
Sample Report
No Sample Report
Intended Uses
This report provides current and historical information about the characteristics of students who attend Cal State San Marcos.
Additional Information
Additional information not specified for this report.
Step-by-Step Instructions
Select year values.