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About RaDAR RaDAR Logo

Reporting and Data Analytics Repository (RaDAR)

What is the RaDAR Project?

The RaDAR provides a central repository for the campus community to access relevant data in a variety of formats. The RaDAR site will provide a single point of entry to reports and analyses of campus data.

Why are we focusing on a reporting solution for the campus?

As a data driven institution California State University San Marcos requires a coherent and consolidated system to satisfy the needs of campus data aggregation, reporting, analysis, and delivery. To this end the campus has the goal of delivering a solution that satisfies these requirements in a timely fashion and incorporates necessary security, scalability, and usability.

Who is determining what reports should be included in RaDAR?

The RaDAR team reviews all data requests and determines if the solution should be a query or a RaDAR report. The RaDAR team meets weekly to prioritize the requests.

How will reports and data be secured?

RaDAR reports that contain confidential and sensitive University data require users to log in using heir network user id and password to access the data. Access to the data will be based on a person's needs in his/her position in the university.

What will happen to the PeopleSoft queries I currently use?

We have no plans to delete any of the queries you use today. Over time we may see a need to move some of the queries to the RaDAR reporting solution to provide more robust reporting options to the campus.

How do I request a report?

Use the Data Request page on the left menu navigation to submit a new data request.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Email your questions to radarhelp@csusm.edu