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secure report imageChange of Major/Welcome New MajorsList of students within a chosen date range who have changed or added majors and/or minors
secure report imageCourse Taken ReportList of students in a particular plan(s) that have taken or not taken a particular CSUSM course(s) for a grade
public report imageDepartment Data Report (DDR) - DegreeStudent degree data used in the data notebook for programs in the program Review
secure report imageFaculty Workload by TermList of all faculty FAR workload information by term.
public report imageGeneral Degree Count ReportNumber of degrees awarded by College and major with selected academic and demographic information
public report imageHR Employee CountsSummary count of individuals employeed by Cal State San Marcos
secure report imageHeadcount FTE Summary - Live DataFTE information for a selected term by college and career - Live Data: Excludes EL and Open Univ enrollments
secure report imageIntent to Enroll SummaryCounts of intent to enrolls submitted by term
secure report imageOpen Seats ReportList of how many open seats are available per class and what FTE would be generated by those seats
secure report imageOrientation Attendance ReportAttendance Numbers for Orientations by term
secure report imageOrientation Attendance by DepartmentAttendance Numbers for Orientations by Term grouped by Department and Acad Plan code
secure report imagePre Requisites - NOW INCLUDES Test Credit!!Displays completed pre-requisites for a class roster. **Test Credit is is NOW Included**