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PeopleSoft data current as of: 10/17/2018 8:10:01 PM

Change of Major/Welcome New Majors

  • Notice: RaDAR will not refresh on 10/19 due to scheduled maintenance on 10/18. Data warehouse and reports will remain consistent, however report data on 10/19 will reflect PeopleSoft data as of 10/17 at 8:10 PM.
  • Report Details
    Title Change of Major/Welcome New Majors
    Description List of students who have changed or added majors and/or minors within a chosen date range. The report displays the major they changed from and the major they changed to for analytical studies. Departments can use the data from this report to welcome students who have recently declared their major/minor.
    Parameters Date Range, College, Department(s), Program(s)
    Data Source PS Student
    Approximate Run Time 1 minute with 3 parameters
    Report Created Jul 16 2013 9:36AM
    Report Updated Dec 13 2017 12:53PM
    Sample Report
    Click to view sample report.
    Intended Uses
    The Change of Major report is intended to be used by colleges and departments to view individual student information and their major and minor changes for the time period selected when running the report.
    Additional Information
    Acad Prog Academic program of student
    Acad level Academic level of student
    Action Date Date on which the plan changes were enacted
    Address Street address
    Admit Term Term and year in which the student was admitted
    Career Academic career of student
    Change Was there a change in this row?
    City City
    Email Email address
    Emplid Emplid
    First Name First name
    Last Name Last name
    New Description New plan description
    New Plan New plan code
    New Req Term New plan req term
    New Sequence New plan sequence number
    New Type New plan type
    Old Description Old plan description
    Old Plan Old plan code
    Old Req Term Old plan req term
    Old Sequence Old plan sequence number
    Old Type Old plan type
    Postal Code Zip code
    State State
    Step-by-Step Instructions
    1. Select the Change of Major title link under the report details.

    2. Select the parameters for Date Range, College, Department, and Program

    3. Click the View Report Button