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General Degree Count Report

Report Details
Title General Degree Count Report
Description Count by major of degrees awarded for a selected graduation term, college, and major.
Parameters Not Specified.
Data Source Peoplesoft Acad_Degree Table, coupled with Official ERSS Chancellor's Office text files to obtain ethnicity. Other values are calculated from various PeopleSoft tables such as time to degree.
Approximate Run Time 1-6 minutes
Report Created Mar 6 2013 4:33PM
Report Updated Aug 15 2017 9:44AM
Sample Report
Click to view sample report.
Intended Uses
The intended is to provide public users with degree information by term and major. Restricted use would be for merging degree information with other files for grant requests and to provide degree information for retention calculations.
Additional Information
Additional information not specified for this report.
Step-by-Step Instructions
1. Select the General Degree Report title link under the report details.
2. Select the graduation term(s) you would like to view.
3. Click the View Report Button