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Course Taken Report

Report Details
Title Course Taken Report
Description For a selected group of students in a major(s), this report shows EMPLID, Name, Email, Primary Major, Admit Term, Academic Level, Graduation Status, Graduation Term, if the chosen specified course(es) has been taken. Academic levels, course grades, and multiple courses can be specified and filtered.
Parameters Plan(s), Concentration(s), Academic Level(s), Course Grade(s), Course Subject(s), Course Number(s)
Data Source PS Student
Approximate Run Time Not Specified.
Report Created Jan 12 2010 2:38PM
Report Updated Aug 25 2023 3:01PM
Sample Report
Click to view sample report.
Intended Uses
The intended use of the Course Taken report is to provide a list of students that have successfully completed a course(s) or still need to enroll in a course(s).
Additional Information
Additional information not specified for this report.
Step-by-Step Instructions
1. Select the Course Demand title link under the report details.

2. Select the Plan(s), Concentration(s), Academic Level(s) for the students you would like information

3. Select the Course Grade, Course Subject(s), and Course Number(s) for the courses you want to review

4. Click the View Report Button

Note: Transfer Courses not entered into PS or not equated to your specified course will not get included in this report.